Thanks for your feedback!

Over the past few weeks a lot of you have been getting in touch to let us know what you think about the new version of Deploy which is currently in open beta – see this post if you’d like to get involved.

Overall feedback have been very positive, although there have been a number of concerns many of you regarding white-space and padding – an issue for those of you working with smaller screens.

Tomorrow we’ll be rolling out an update which will half the amount of white-space, trim out some unnecessary body copy, fix some minor bugs, and implement some UI changes in various places.

We think we’re in a pretty good spot right now, however there is still some work to do, so please don’t feel that your feedback has been ignored or disregarded – it’s probably next on our list.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s provided us with feedback so far, and we hope you enjoy using the new version of Deploy!

Thank you for helping us with the beta!

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